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The idea “don’t motivate people, stop demotivating them” violates Two-Factor Theory, which says removing things that demotivate people doesn’t mean they will be motivated. They are not opposites. People still want to feel motivated about something. You can create that something. — Jurgen Appelo (@jurgenappelo) January 22, 2018 Source:

Recently I’ve been asked why I have so many bookmarks in my book 🙂 Here’s why … #1 The “Doing” Bookmark This is the traditional bookmark telling you where you stopped reading. #2 The “ToDo” Bookmark This is the motivational – goal setting – bookmark. It marks the end of the current chapter or the… Read Article →

Currently a face an unusual problem: I procrastinate on my study tasks 😮 … This is pretty surprising because I really like and enjoy it … well, at least I did so ^^ Well, that´s why I like that infografic pretty much right now. I cut it into seperate images and added it to my… Read Article →

Reading List Tip!  10 Books You Can Read In One Night That Will Boost Your Motivation For Work found Some of the books are also available on! Why do I recommend that list? I have already read 2 of the books and they are great! I hope the others are interesting too … >>> Go!… Read Article →

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