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Recently I’ve been asked why I have so many bookmarks in my book 🙂 Here’s why … #1 The “Doing” Bookmark This is the traditional bookmark telling you where you stopped reading. #2 The “ToDo” Bookmark This is the motivational – goal setting – bookmark. It marks the end of the current chapter or the… Read Article →

Currently a face an unusual problem: I procrastinate on my study tasks 😮 … This is pretty surprising because I really like and enjoy it … well, at least I did so ^^ Well, that´s why I like that infografic pretty much right now. I cut it into seperate images and added it to my… Read Article →

Reading List Tip!  10 Books You Can Read In One Night That Will Boost Your Motivation For Work found Some of the books are also available on! Why do I recommend that list? I have already read 2 of the books and they are great! I hope the others are interesting too … >>> Go!… Read Article →

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