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Forbes tells us about pifalls of problem solving and how to avoid them: To avoid a flawed problem definition use a checklist like TOSCA To avoid the solution confirmation pitfall, try to understand the problem first before jumping to solutions based on assumptions To avoid the wrong framework pitfall, make sure to use one that… Read Article →

A practical way to state a problem is to use the TOSCA checklist by answering the following questions: Trouble: What indicates the current situation is not the desired one? Owner: Who is responsible for its resolution? Success: What will success look like and when? Constraints: What are the binding constraints on developing a solution? Actors: Who are… Read Article →

It is a simple checklist for thinking. It is one of the generic techniques that Business Analyst use to identify the what the business is trying to achieve, what are the problem areas and how is the solution going to affect the business and people involved in it. see:

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