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Ressources with activities for retrospectives. Websites Retromat and Retromat Agile Strides Activities Team Radar Scrum Master is on Vacation! How do we do the Retrospective now :-O Retrospective Activity: The 4 Ls … for more see also Retrosectives Books Retrospektiven – kurz & gut by Rolf Dräther Game Storming More Retrosective Activities  

Definitely something I would like to try during a retrospective:

A nice website that helps to plan a sprint retrospective:

Heres an Idea I just had about an activity for a scrum retrospective. Lately I handed out a one pager on the 7 wastes in development. I planned to introduce it again later but wasn´t quite sure how. I think that might work: Print/write each of the seven wastes on a sheet of paper. Then let every… Read Article →

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