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Nice article with a nice example: Let’s look at an example: Suppose you and I are to walk to a building. We agree that it will take one walking point to get there. That doesn’t mean one minute, one mile or even one kilometer. We just call it one walking point. We could have called… Read Article →

depending on the team maturity a scrum master need to choose the right leadership style   More: The Situational Leadership Model 

I recently started to practices my visualisation skills using the Bikalbo 1 book. So I created some drawings for my next Scrum Introduction workshop to discuss the scrum roles:

Not feeling motivated? Here´s one strategy that might help us to get started! Getting Started with the help of Pomodoro Zero The Pomodoro Technique in an Nutshell The Pomodoro Technique is a self management tool where a person is dividing the work of a day in small pieces called Pomodoros. Every iteration (Pomodoro) has a fixed… Read Article →

Super post: “How To Ensure That Scrum Teams Launch Successfully” by Ilia Pavlichenko here my key take aways … Organizational Gravitation Here are only a few of the issues that pilot Scrum Teams usually face. Teams organized around internal business processes and, consequently, artificial dependencies on other teams. No political will to assign a real Product… Read Article →

Preparation is “everything” … well, sure not really everything but well prepared user stories do make the sprint much less painfull. As a scrum master I insist on only having ready stories in the sprint planning. On I found a nice article by Ian Mitchell on that topic. Here are my personal key take aways …… Read Article →

Check out my new experiement! Cram cards with concepts and quotes from books related to agile software development and project managment: Worklife | Agile & Co The deck is continuously growing, so more is to come!

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