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According to Fortune Scrum Master is number 20 on the highest paying jobs in the US right now: Scrum master: $98,239 Source: These Are the 25 Highest-Paying Jobs in the U.S. Right Now More about Scrum Master

A nice article about technical debt, refactoring and sustainable development: “How to prioritise technical debt against business features? How do we convince them that refactoring is important? How can anyone estimate the value of technical stories?” “If You Don’t Schedule Time for Maintenance, Your Equipment Will Schedule It for You” Article: Sprints, marathons and root canals

I based the activity on the Perfection Game and asked the participants to build a Lego model of their production process that would score 10 points out of 10. After everyone described their models we put together the emerging common themes  on the flip chart paper. The next task for the team was to decide what actions would be… Read Article →

Snakes and Ladders is a classic board game. On the way to the finishing point, the players meet with hurdles in the form of snakes and opportunities in the form of ladders. Replace the game with work in an Agile team setup where teams play the game of snakes and ladders to meet the set… Read Article →

How to explain why Story Points are better for estimation using a little story: My Ideal Days Are Not Your Ideal Days Suppose two runners, one fast and one slow, are standing at the start of a trail. Each can see the whole course of the trail and they can agree that it is 1… Read Article →

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