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A nice article about the whole team mindset and why all team members should attend sprint meetings: Include All Team Members in Sprint Meetings. Yes, Them Too

The Scrum Team consists of a Product Owner, the Development Team, and a Scrum Master. What makes a great Product Owner? I found a list of 20 things to watch out for … No single Product Owner for one team Interference with the daily work Stories built around product layers No projection of the product… Read Article →

What are the Top 10 Traits of An Agile Coach? I found an article with a list … Hands-On Scrum and Agile Experience Experience as a Developer Application of XP & Technical Practices Lean Thinker Continuous Improvement Change Agent / OCM Expert Excellent Listening Skills Emotional Intelligence Unconditional Positive Regard for Others Uses Agile Mindset… Read Article →

A nice article about how the Scrum Master can (or should) act as a Facilitator. Facilitation goes far beyond moderation of scrum events. The article clarifies this …   Summarised, great facilitation is about: Serving the team without being their servant; Helping the team make decisions and reach consensus that sticks; Addressing difficult attitudes, dysfunctional behaviours… Read Article →

Sources: Ball Point Game BALL POINT GAME Feel the Scrum Flow @BorisGloger The Ball Point Game by Scrumology in Newsletter Articles Agile Games – ball point game by Kelly Waters Ball Point Game Ball Point Game – Introducing Agile By The Fun Way Learning Scrum through the Ball Point Game BALL POINT GAME Coaching Scrum with… Read Article →

Ressources with activities for retrospectives. Websites Retromat and Retromat Agile Strides Activities Team Radar Scrum Master is on Vacation! How do we do the Retrospective now :-O Retrospective Activity: The 4 Ls … for more see also Retrosectives Books Retrospektiven – kurz & gut by Rolf Dräther Game Storming More Retrosective Activities  

In her nice little book about how to become a great scrum master, Zuzana Šochová, tells us how Patrick Lencionis five dysfuncions of a team materialise on a Scrum team. Watch Out for these Symptoms Absence of Trust we know each other for a long time we have no problems with each other working individually team… Read Article →

In her nice little book about how to become a great scrum master, Zuzana Šochová, shares with us her favorite coaching questions. Powerful Questions What would you like to achieve/change/get? What is important to you now? What would your perfect Standup look like? What is working well? What progress have you made so far? What would… Read Article →

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