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Wondering how long your sprint should be? This might help: 21 Tips on Choosing a Sprint Length

Unterschiede zwischen Coaching & Training Coaching: Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe als Ziel Training: Anleitung zum Auf- und Ausbau spezifischer Verhaltensweisen Coaching-Report – Coaching-Report

If there is a large backlog of defects (ie while changing from traditional project management to scrum) its OK to estimate this defect backlog. Here’s why:

I found a nice process: 1-Team member (the discoverer) finds a bug and finds who wrote that bit of code (the originator). 2-The discoverer gets up, goes to the originator (if they are not already working together) and says “I’ve found a bug in some code you wrote—let’s fix it together.” 3-The originator immediately stops… Read Article →

Wiedermal was zum (leider) immer wiederkehrenden Thema Performancemessung: Eliminate num goals, num quotas and mgmt by objectives. Substitute leader ship. Deming Aus dem Artikel: Messen ist das Eine und für sich genommen in den obigen Dimensionen schon schwierig genug, steuern aber das Andere. Auch hier greifen reflexhaft alte Muster und die Kennzahlen werden zu Zielvorgaben,… Read Article →

Again a nice read: Collaboration Begins with You: Be a Silo Buster by Kenneth H. Blanchard View all my reviews

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