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depending on the team maturity a scrum master need to choose the right leadership style   More: The Situational Leadership Model 

Great book teaching a visual alphabet! Must read for every Scrum Master, Facilitator, Teacher, … Here´s my first try 😉

3 things we should not do First is something I consider one of the worst habits a Scrum team can develop: allowing work to spill over from one sprint to the next. This happens when a team does not finish all of the product backlog items they’ve planned into a sprint and simply carry the work… Read Article →

How to find a Scrum Master? Not the easiest task. Here´s some help: […] if I have need to help find a ScrumMaster for a team, I look for skills like these (again, these are partly taken from Essential Scrum): Knowledgeable — but not a Know-It-All Questioning — someone who can ask valuable questions while keeping… Read Article →

A nice read for Scrum Masters and agile coaches. Here are a few quotes and take aways 🙂 Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins I generally liked the book although some chapters seemed to me veeery long and I had the feeling that I would never come to the end. Would I recommend it? Well,… Read Article →

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