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Not feeling motivated? Here´s one strategy that might help us to get started! Getting Started with the help of Pomodoro Zero The Pomodoro Technique in an Nutshell The Pomodoro Technique is a self management tool where a person is dividing the work of a day in small pieces called Pomodoros. Every iteration (Pomodoro) has a fixed… Read Article →

Wondering how long your sprint should be? This might help: 21 Tips on Choosing a Sprint Length

Here are a few take aways from Kenneth S. Rubins book on scrum 🙂 Plan Driven Process Acceptance Test Driven Development Sprint Planning Slack Boy Scout Rule Swarming Chicken Pig Testing Dysfunction Cynefin Complex Adaptive Systems Complex Domain Complicated Domain Disorder Domain Simple Domain DOD Confidence Threshold Cost of Delay Fail Fast Fixed Release Date… Read Article →

„Es braucht immer drei Sprints.“ Ein frisch zusammengestelltes Team braucht immer drei Sprints, bis es stabil performt. In diesen drei Sprints muss dafür gesorgt werden, dass das Umfeld und das Team konstant bleiben. Immer. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, zurück auf Start.

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