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How to explain why Story Points are better for estimation using a little story: My Ideal Days Are Not Your Ideal Days Suppose two runners, one fast and one slow, are standing at the start of a trail. Each can see the whole course of the trail and they can agree that it is 1… Read Article →

Nice article with a nice example: Let’s look at an example: Suppose you and I are to walk to a building. We agree that it will take one walking point to get there. That doesn’t mean one minute, one mile or even one kilometer. We just call it one walking point. We could have called… Read Article →

Strugling with “complexity” vs. “effort” or how to really apply story point estimation? Heres a nice article about it: Excerpt: If Story Points = fun(Effort) and Effort = fun(Size, Complexity), then Story Points = fun(Size, Complexity) Effort 5 An extremely large story Too large to be estimated accurately A definite contender to be broken… Read Article →

Great book! Short & tells you exactly what you need to know 🙂 5 Stars @Amazon: Agile Estimation Practices – Demystifying Story Points (English Edition) eBook: John Donovan: Kindle Store

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