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depending on the team maturity a scrum master need to choose the right leadership style   More: The Situational Leadership Model┬á

Again a nice read: Collaboration Begins with You: Be a Silo Buster by Kenneth H. Blanchard View all my reviews

Inspired by Mary Poppendiecks article on compensations systems   More interesting articles on this topic: Agile Performance Appraisals How to Reward Agile Teams Compensation Systems For Agile Teams COMPENSATION STRATEGIES FOR AGILE TEAMS Performance Management Using Scrum A Radical but Effective Way to Build Self-Organizing Teams

A nice read for Scrum Masters and agile coaches. Here are a few quotes and take aways ­čÖé Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins I generally liked the book although some chapters seemed to me veeery long and I had the feeling that I would never come to the end. Would I recommend it? Well,… Read Article →

Das is mal eine nette Idee: eine Gebrauchsanweisung f├╝r die F├╝hrungskraft ­čÖé Sollte jeder Mitarbeiter eine Gebrauchsanweisung haben …?    

Wow! That was a great one: not only that one can learn something, it is also fun to read and one can even read it several times. I would really appreciate it more authors would write books like is one!

Einige Autoren sind ├╝berzeugt: Alternative Formate zur Wissensvermittlung machen nicht nur Spa├č sondern helfen auch das Wissen besser zu verankern. Was sind Business Novels? Einige Autoren von Fachliteratur haben sich gl├╝cklicherweise einer etwas anderen Art der Wissensvermittlung verschrieben. Sie verfassen ihre Erkenntnisse nicht in dem bekannten Format der ├╝blichen Fachliteratur sondern ver├Âffentlichen sie in Form… Read Article →

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