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It is said that you need to put 10.000 hours of effort into becoming an expert in the area of you choice. Is this plannable? I would guess so … So, let´s give it a try ;-D Ingredients What do we need for this? Well first we should make sure to phrase our goal smart:… Read Article →

Complete this sentence: “We can’t (describe the target process) because ________.” Following the word “because,” read the obstacle verbatim. Read exactly what it says on the obstacle parking lot. Word for word. Source: TOYOTA KATA: IS THAT REALLY AN OBSTACLE?

Tip!  Quotes and Themes from Toyota Kata convention 2016  found @ >>> Go! Have fun & be curious! Liked that posting!? Then please help others to find it too and share before you leave 😉 Thank you!

Wie sieht Lean und Six Sigma Praxis aus? Heute stelle ich einige Quellen vor wo mit Erfahrungsberichten, Videos und Interviews Einblicke in die tägliche Umsetzung von Methoden, wie beispielsweise Toyota Kata, gewährt werden. Einblicke in die Praxis der Lean Six Sigma Welt Gemba Academy Podcast by Ron Pereira Podcast-Tipp: Gemma Academy! Bei Ron Pereira plaudert das Who´s Who… Read Article →

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