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I thought “finally swim lanes for trello!”  …. but well it has of course limitations. I will give it a try …   More about Kanban More about Trello

Need a cumulative flow diagram for trello? Here´s a plugin: Found:

Tomorrow in the morning I start a 3 day learning challenge and in general I have to do a whole lot until 18.4.. I like to use a scrumish way of organising my work so I splitted all my assignments (deliverables) I need to submit until 18.4. into small tasks and estimated them in storypoints… Read Article →

Wow need to try Butler for Trello. Looks very interesting!

With this we can create reoccuring tasks in Trello. I prefer using IFTTT for this but this seems to be a nice alternative.

Testing Targetprocess as self hosted alternative for Trello It is summer what means I have more “slack”-time available to test out new things. For this weekend my calendar says “Big Summer Planning”. So I thought before I start out to do this I will prepare a new environment to test a new tool: Targetprocess! I really… Read Article →

It is said that you need to put 10.000 hours of effort into becoming an expert in the area of you choice. Is this plannable? I would guess so … So, let´s give it a try ;-D Ingredients What do we need for this? Well first we should make sure to phrase our goal smart:… Read Article →

Leveraging the advantages of Kanban and Gamification. Combining Trello & Habitica! I´ve already introduced Habitica and Trello in former posts. Today I want to share how I combine those tools and how I use the Today-List in Habitica. Habitica´s ToDo-List Habitica is cool for planning my day but it doesn´t provide features for planning projects or more… Read Article →

Gamify your ToDo List You need a little bit motivation to get your tasks done? Try to make a game of it! Habitica might be the right tool for you 🙂 I really love Trello. Still I also tried various tools for daily tasks and habits. There are indeed cool habit forming tools out there… Read Article →

Nice little article on willpower & gamification although it is not really answering the question “how”. Still worth reading: You only have a certain amount of willpower to use, and the more you force yourself to use it during the day, the less you’ll have available. By the time you would have theoretically gotten to… Read Article →

How to burndown the scrumban book with Trello ;-D Just playing around with the book, Trello and Plus for Trello to track reading effort with a burdown chart and take notes on each chapter 🙂                     Liked that posting? Help others to find it by sharing!

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