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Great book teaching a visual alphabet! Must read for every Scrum Master, Facilitator, Teacher, … Here´s my first try 😉

That is a really usefull book! Here´s the website with the different categories: “Game categories”

Managing the 4Ps of Delegates – Turning Passengers, Protesters and Prisoners into Participants To understand what his people really think about taking part in the workshop, he decides to use a training and facilitation tool called the “4Ps.” This categorizes them as Participant, Passenger, Protester, or Prisoner. Source:

How can the smell of the place be made visible? This workshop tool can help: Want success? Change your smell of the place! See also The Smell of The Place

Learning Agile principles through play The Ball Runner game originated from the #play14 unconference in London in September 2015. I was toying with the idea of a game around work in progress (WIP), which can be incredibly stressful for teams, and for individuals on these teams. – See more at: Source: Ball Runner: An Agile… Read Article →

“Agile” veranschaulichen? So geht´s! Sehr cooler Artikel! Seit einigen Jahren verwenden wir für unsere Organisationsentwicklungsprojekte agile Methoden. Ganz am Anfang eines Projekts möchten wir als externe Berater den Projektteilnehmern im Kundenunternehmen den Grundsatz “rasche Feedback-Zyklen statt eines perfekten Projektplans” nahe bringen. Die besten Erfahrungen haben wir dabei mit einem Spiel gemacht, das die Besonderheiten dieses… Read Article →

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