targetprocessTesting Targetprocess as self hosted alternative for Trello

It is summer what means I have more “slack”-time available to test out new things. For this weekend my calendar says “Big Summer Planning”. So I thought before I start out to do this I will prepare a new environment to test a new tool: Targetprocess!

I really love Trello but unfortunately we can not use it at work. Now I want to try other Kanban-Tools that offer a self-hosted version. I will test the free version for organising my private projects – not software development (for now) but well studies/courses, books, holiday, summer projects, … you know such stuff.


  • Possibility to self-host
  • WIP Limits
  • Sprint planning & Scrum Board
  • Kanban Board
  • Story Point Estimation
  • Time Tracking
  • Burndown charts / Reports
  • Horizontal Swimlanes
  • Drag & Drop cards
  • iOS App
  • (Email notifications or integration with IFTTT / Evernote)

Based on this Comparison of Kanban software – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I chose Targetprocess. Interestingly, I seem to have installed the iOS app before but I can´t really remember it 😉 Well, whatever, let´s just jump in and try …

Get Started

How to change effort units from hours to points

recurring tasks

Harvest Time Tracking

Fist Impressions

  • Prioritizing tasks by drag and drop is really tricky. One might think draging and dropping items is easy, right!? Well, it isn´t 🙁 –> solution: change settings for prioritisation!

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Liked that posting?
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