The Five Dysfunctions of a Scrum Team

In her nice little book about how to become a great scrum master, Zuzana Šochová, tells us how Patrick Lencionis five dysfuncions of a team materialise on a Scrum team.

Watch Out for these Symptoms

Absence of Trust

  • we know each other for a long time
  • we have no problems with each other
  • working individually
  • team members don´t need each other
  • think of themselves as specialists of specific domains
  • protect the status quo

Fear of Conflict

  • avoiding difficult discussion
  • keep the work divided into individual, disjunctive areas based on technical/product knowledge
  • stick to current silos
  • Why should we discuss when we have separate areas to work on?
  • It doesn´t make sense to cooperate on one user story

Lack of Commitment

  • We can´t say what we will finish by the end of the sprint
  • I will finish my part, but I can not speak for the others

Avoidance of Accountability

  • not finishing all sprint backlog items is called an exception
  • frequent overcommitment

Inattention to Results

  • individual goals instead of team goals



The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay by Zuzana Šochová

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