Think & Take Notes with MindNode

Tool Tip! Brainstorming with MindNode for OS X and iOS.

Elegant Mind Mapping Tool for Apple Devices

My favourite brainstorming tool 🙂

7 Ps  Framework

7 Ps Framework MindMap created with MindNode and Icon8

Hint: A library with icons comes with the tool but I prefer using Icons8 for my mind maps!

cool_filledCool features

  • Sooo easy to use! Let´s you focus on your task – Great!

sad_filledRoom for improvement

Two very uncool things I need to mention:

  • Collapsing nodes is not that easy!
    You have to open the outline, search the node and collapse it in the outline
    works –> Press alt + click on the node 🙂
  • If you save a PDF links are not clickable anymore!
    The only way to enable other users to click on that link is to share the mind map via the mind node cloud. This is not an option for professional use – at least for me. Further I think (not sure about it!) the other user also has to have mind node installed so users of other operating systems might not be able to use it at all. Due to this I can only use it for my personal brainstormings and not promote it in my company. Very sad 🙁


  • Price: Basic is restricted, full version ca. 50 EUR
  • OS: OS X and iOS only



Fancy & Simple!
4 Stars


Let me know what you think about MindNode!


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