User Story Smells – What to avoid when writing user stories

Don`t do this when writing user stories:

Smell 1 – Everything in a Sprint should be written as a user story

Smell 2 – Stories should be sliced by technology layer, because that’s how our development team will approach them

Smell 3 – Stories don’t need acceptance criteria

Smell 4 – The product owner is a user

Smell 5 – Acceptance criteria must specify how features look & behave

Smell 6 – System-wide NFRs should be written as NFRs

Smell 7 – Specifying what the user wants is enough!

Smell 8 – User stories should be incredibly detailed

Smell 9 – User stories can depend on other stories in the Sprint

Smell 10 – Stories should be very small

Source: User Story Smells | Ryan Thomas Hewitt

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