Web Clipper for Trello – Easily create new cards

Simple but useful: With the Web Clipper for Trello you can easily create cards while surfing.

Create cards out of Chrome with Web Clipper for Trello

Just an ordinary – and very useful – web clipper. I really like it when I do some research.
Hint: If you need a clipper for your emails watch out for GMail to Trello (comming soon)

cool_filledCool features

  • Choose location (Board, List, Position)
  • Possibility to edit title and description

sad_filledRoom for improvement

  • You have to click precisely on the words (Board, List, …) instead of the whole button
  • Nice-To-Have: choose an image from the website (like in Flipboard)


  • Price: Free
  • OS: Chrome Extention, …?



I don´t want to miss this one.



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May the clipper be with you!

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