Why I need 4 Boorkmarks for Reading 1 Book

Recently I’ve been asked why I have so many bookmarks in my book 🙂

Here’s why …

#1 The “Doing” Bookmark

This is the traditional bookmark telling you where you stopped reading.

#2 The “ToDo” Bookmark

This is the motivational – goal setting – bookmark. It marks the end of the current chapter or the page until I want to read today.


  • When chapter 1 is finished and I start to read chapter 2 the bookmark is set to the last page of chapter 2
  • Every day before starting to read the bookmark is set to the page marking todays goal. Lets say I want to read half of the book today, then I search for the chapter that ends ca. in the middle of the book and put it there.

… sometimes it can make sense to start reading the first 2-3 pages of the new chapter to have something like a cliffhanger.  This can keep me courious and motivated to read on (see also Zeigarnki). In that  bookmark could be set accordingly.

#3 The “Done” Bookmark

This one is also motivational and should help you to get your “dopamine dose” (this is what makes people feel happy for example when someone crosses out a task in the todo list … or moves a postit in the “done” column on a kanban/task board)

Every day when I start reading this bookmark is set to the current page. It shows me how much I accomplished today and tells me “what a good girl I’ve been today” ;-D

#4 The “Note-Taking” Bookmark (optional)

This is the “knowledge management” bookmark.

If the book contains ideas or concepts that I want to post on the blog or put into my notebook this one is also needed. I read while walking, while waiting in the supermark queue and some more situations that makes it hard to take notes immediately.

That’s where the “Note-Taking” bookmark kicks in: It tells me where I need to start transfering notes to my notebook the next time this is possible (eg when I’m back home or on the train).

… haha, I know that might sound weired, but well, it works for me 🙂

This blog is a digital memory for me. I store nuggets of information, ideas and resources on these pages so that I can access and share them easily at any time, from everywhere. I always felt a strong passion for continuous improvement and that is why I am now super happy to be a professional Scrum Master. Scrum, Kanban, Agile Project Management, Coaching, Learning and Self Management are my passions and that is also what my blog is about ...

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