Zombie Scrum

Is your scrum still alive? A nice analyse of the state of scrum has been posted on the scrum.org blog. Here are the key points:

Symptoms of Zombie Scrum

#1: No beating heart
#2: No (desire for) contact with the outside world
#3: No emotional response to success or failure
#4: No drive to improve

Causes of Zombie Scrum

#1: A bit too homegrown, or ‘Cargo Cult Scrum’
#2: No Urgency
#3: Competing Values
#4: Scrum Cherry Picking
#5: Contracts Implying “We Don’t Trust You!”
#6: The Smell of the Place

Treating Zombie Scrum

#1: Become a Zombie-whisperer
#2: Introduce Healthy Scrum into the population
#3: Shake things up (don’t continue the stumble)
#4: Involve the broader Scrum Community
#5: Dare to Embrace Agile Contracting Principles
#6: Setup a Smell-o-Meter

Source: Zombie Scrum – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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